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No matter where you are in your journey to veganism-whether you’re pescatarian, come from a pack of hardcore carnivores, navigating the holidays as a brand spanking new vegan, or are simply vegan-curious-I am here to help you have a smoother ride and help you see how EASY it is to eat plant-based!

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Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? How do I go vegan? What do vegans eat? How do I tell my family I’m going vegan? How can I support my vegan partner? I GET YOU. I was there, too, and I wish I would have had someone to talk to.

I have been vegan for 5.5 and a half years now and I’m ready to help YOU learn from my mistakes and be more informed about how to be vegan at home AND while traveling or living abroad.

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feel good when you go plantbased and cut out animal products

Learn how to find vegan options wherever you go

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