Hello, and welcome to my vegan travel blog! My name is Adriana.  I’m a nature-lover and an avid traveler and I’ve been vegan for five years.  

Most recently, I lived and taught in Bahrain for three years where I had the opportunity to form long-lasting relationships and travel all around the world. 

Exploring new places and learning about different cultures is my passion, and I firmly believe that it is the best antidote to eradicating fear and hate.

I am documenting my travels in the hopes that YOU will be inspired to follow YOUR dreams of traveling.

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When I was younger, I used to dream about traveling the world, but it seemed impossible until my first international trip to Dubai six years ago.

Dubai was amazing! It was eye-opening to see how easy it is to hop on a plane and wake up in a new continent.

That trip motivated me to find a teaching job and move abroad and to do it on my own terms.

Making that decision was life-changing and so empowering. Whatever your travel goals may be, I  encourage YOU to follow your dreams of living abroad or travel to your dream Bucket List destination. 

Send me a message if you have any question or need any advice about any of the above.  Cheers!

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